January 17, 2012 at 10:43 PM
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I am participating in the 30 day GAPS Challenge over at Our Nourishing Roots. Today is my second day of GAPS Introduction (For information on what Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet is click here). Part of my 2012 focus for the year is to work on awareness instead of busyness. So how does starting GAPS have anything to do with slowing down? If anything doesn’t it mean more work in the kitchen?! GAPS is a healing protocol that is designed to heal your gut and is often used to treat Autism, ADHD, ADD, IBS, Crohn’s disease, schizophrenia, and other very defined diseases. I don’t have any of those kinds of issues (thank you God!). I do have some afternoon fatigue; probably associated with multiple night nursing sessions (it is amazing how your body can cope with long term interrupted sleep) and I have occasional sinus pressure headaches, especially when a large storm is rolling in. What I am really hoping to address by following the GAPS protocol (especially GAPS Intro) is to clean out my system and reset my mind/body connection.

I love food. I love good healthy traditional food. However when I eat, I eat only with my mouth and taste buds, not with my body. I don’t take the time to feel full or truly hungry and I don’t take the time or have an awareness of how a specific food item makes me feel.  GAPS Intro is an invitation to get reacquainted with my body, to bridge the ridiculous divide created by diets, emotional eating, unrealistic body ideals, and the idea of will power being able to “tame” my body. Because GAPS is so completely nourishing it should give my body a chance to peacefully rebuild. Because Intro eliminates food and then slowly reintroduces them it will give me a chance to really listen to my body, learn its cues, and hopefully with some focused awareness respect and abide by my body’s wishes. Knowing that my goal is self discovery and connection takes the pressure off of doing everything just right and makes the experience a more natural expression of self love.

Am I actually busier doing GAPS Intro than just cooking traditional foods mostly from scratch… a little, but just while I get the hang of making time for a detox bath (also known as glorious me time) and washing some extra dishes. Following the what can I eat now ebook has actually made some things far easier than when I was coming up with meals, especially since I tend to make complicated recipes. I have had my crock-pot running non-stop since Sunday night and have enjoyed some really yummy simple meals (who knew crock-pot onions for breakfast would go over so well!). So far, so good, we will see what the next 28 days brings.


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