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2014- Ready to go! 

While this process has taken a few weeks to unfold, I am satisfied with my results. I have a list of 12 things on my 2014 agenda, ideally one thing a month that I can focus on and delve into.

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2014- Looking Back

We are well into the second week of the year and I am still uncertain about what I want to focus on for 2014. I feel like my plate is pretty full so I don't want to add a bunch of stuff, yet at the same time, I do. I want to explore all kinds of interests, too many, and I am not sure which should be my priority. So for the time being I am taking my time to re-evaluate where I am and where I want to go. Actually I think I will start by turning back to my simple focus for 2013...

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Christmas is coming!

I love the season of advent; the reminder of hope, love, joy, and peace. This is the first year I have added a home advent wreath tradition instead of just witnessing the lighting at church. I like that my boys can participate more intimately with this preparation for Christmas. My wreath is as simple as it comes and was put together with love and helping hands. I had all kinds of grand plans of ribbons and fancy tags, but this is as far as I got. We have been lighting the candle each night at dinner.


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Pepperoni & Mozzarella Topped Eggplant

My kids insisted that this was not pizza, and I have to agree, even if the topping is pretty much a pizza topping. This is fork food, not finger food, and not a pizza substitute. However it is a simple (enough) way to get some eggplant into our diets. Eggplant is beautiful and I often pick some up when it is available only to have it sit around and stare at me. Challenging me to use it before it goes bad.

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Grain Free Cheese Sauce

In the spirit of my month of side dishes I wanted to share my broccoli with cheese recipe. But really everyone knows how to steam broccoli, so the sauce is the true star of the show. The butter, cream cheese and cream combination in this grain free sauce is my base for just about every creamy sauce that I once used a flour rue for; alfredo, broccoli & cheese soup, nachos and more. I simply play around with my cheese options to create the flavor I want. When I was creating this recipe a few years ago, I wanted to keep things simple, something that I could remember without looking at my notes every time, just like the rues I had been making since high school.

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